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The Perfect Baby Shower Gifts



When your friend shares the exciting news that she’s having a baby, there are so many things that go through your mind. Excitment, is it a boy or is it a girl? when will it be born? What will I buy them?

For every new and expectant mother the right gift can be a big task. A card to write your thoughts, a diary to record the beautiful experience or a musical ornament to sit by the bedside.
You can give something as little as a rattle, a book, a baby frame with an engraving plaque, a snuggle
security blanket, a soap that either mother or child can use. You can team up with friends and spend a little more and purchase things like the peter and flopsy mobile, a cable knit blanket, along with other beautiful products that can compliment one another.

Visit for all of these products and much much more

1. Beatrix Potter - Peter & Flopsy Mobile $99.95
2. Dream Cloud Night Light $29.95
3. Nat & Jules - Bedtime Blessings Book $39.95
4. Baby's First Cable Knit Blanket $39.95
5. Nat & Jules - Pink Lamb Rattle $17.95
6. Nat & Jules - Boys Blue Lamb Rattle $17.95
7. Whitehill Baby Frame with Engraving Plaque $28.95
8. Willow Tree - Tenderness Journal $19.95
9. Willow Tree - Guardian Gift Card $4.99
10. Willow Tree - Guardian Musical $64.99
11. Forever Friends Snuggle Blankie $27.95
12. Baby's First Olive Oil Soap $