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Peek - a - boo

Elmo is a fun, interactive friend for a baby, it will entertain for hours as he engages little ones in a fun game of Peek a Boo. Elmo recites 13 different phrases as his arms and blanket move. Elmo encourages imaginative play and assists in the development of social skills.
Some phrases are:
Elmo loves to play Peek A Boo with you!
Oh cool!
Elmo can't wait to play with you!
Where are you?
Peek a boo!
Hey, who turned out the lights? Oh never mind!

Playing peek-a-boo may be the simplest of games, but it works wonders! You are your baby's favourite playmate. Until babies are around 9 months old, they don't realize that you're still there when your face is covered. So your child will be fascinated by your disappearing and reappearing act. This baby game may even help your child become more comfortable in the world when she realizes that you'll come back even when you "go away."

12 months to 16 months
Make it more real “Who is hiding there?”Just as you loved playing peek-a-boo with your young baby, your toddler would still love to play with you. You could also introduce a little friend called elmo?

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Sesame Street - Peek-A-Boo Elmo

Size: 38cm