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Making Eating a fun experience


What is really important for making your child’s eating experience fun?

The answer to that question is Color

A cute little set of colorful crockery and cutlery for your own little person to complete a part of your childs daily eating routine would be a great start. Sets tailored at their age level can promote a sense of
independence and interest. This followed with colourful food presentation are keys to your success to you child eating well.
(Some more tips

5 ways to make food more fun
1. Focus on bright,. Colorful foods are more appealing to children

2. Maximise their interests.
What is your child’s current obsession?
Incorporate that into their food.
If they love banana. Here is an idea......mix an advocado together with it and give that a go. Up the dosage
everytime and they will learn to love it just as much.
You could also be a little creative and use cookie cutters to cut fruits or vegetables into fun shapes

3. Use fun names for those veggies.
Broccoli can be “Baby trees”

4. Serve it differently
You may need to serve a new food a few different times for a child to accept it.
Change it in presentation. Make fruit kebabs instead of cutting them into wedges

5. Get them involved


You can find a variety of fun, colourful and exciting melamine toddler eating sets at baby’
Eco-friendly Peter Rabbit dinner sets. Include a plate, Bowl, Cup, Fork & Spoon. Retail: $38.95

Martin Gulliver Designs - The Alphabet themed 7 piece melamine set. Includes a mug, plate , bowl , egg cup, spoon, fork & knife ceramic handle cutlery. Retail $24.95